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Dedicated Professional Cleaners Remove Unwanted Waste, Clean Workplace Surfaces, Maintain Restrooms, Kitchens And Offices.​

Who We Are

Polanco’s House Cleaning is a domestic and commercial cleaning service provider, which services the entire Orange County and its surroundings. We adhere to the industry’s highest standards of service practices, therefore we do not hesitate to boast that we have been in the top ranks of the cleaning business for over ten years. Our company policy is to never cut corners and continuously improve in what we do, which has gained us a substantial number of returning customers and a reputation to be proud of. We, at Polanco’s House Cleaning, are committed to delivering specialized cleaning services, which are designed to exceed our clients’ expectations.

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Alonso Sandoval
Alonso Sandoval
00:22 12 Mar 20
Best cleaning company I have ever dealt with, I can be annoying sometimes as I am a perfectionist but they delivered,... they are easy to book, most importantly for me they came right on time, very friendly, and they deep cleaned the heck out of my house, they went above and beyond my expectations... Really recommends them and I will continue using them. Also will be referring to friend and more
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We Remove Unwanted Substances

Poor Hygiene in the workplace is costing companies money and wasting employee productivity. Maintaining good workplace hygiene, increases employee productivity, and in return save you money. One of the main sources of loss of productivity is when employees call in sick, not only will it spread illness in the workplace but, work completed will be reduced. With Commercial Janitorial Services in Orange County, maintaining company hygiene is a breeze. With our team of cleaning professionals, we ensure that the best, and safe products are used throughout the company. We also provide friendly and fast service to minimize disruption of the company’s daily routine and operations.

How Important is Food Waste Mangement?

Food hygiene is a major problem in the workplace when employees do not pick up leftovers, spill food, or abandon food in the fridge. A source of illness is the food that has spoiled, spoiled food creates an environment that allows bacteria to grow, in which produces bad smells, and if the spoiled food is consumed it may cause food poisoning.Bad Smells and Food poisoning can be preventing by tossing all the leftover food left in the fridge, on the countertops, and spilled food in the kitchen areas. A janitorial service would remove all unwanted leftover food, disinfect all areas where food was left over, and use cleaning materials to remove all unwanted odors. With a regular cleaning service, company can save the time and money maintaining all the kitchen areas clean, which in turn prevents illness from spreading in the workplace. With proper commercial cleaning, employee productivity will remain high and company hygiene will be maintained.

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Janitorial Services

Polanco’s Cleaners also provides companies with restroom cleaning services, providing fast and high-quality cleaning results. Restrooms as often overlooked on their importance on how they affect the overall sanitation of businesses. Restrooms provide an ideal environment for bacterial growth; the restroom provides a humid and warm area. Our commercial cleanings will make sure that all bacteria are removed from all the surfaces in the restroom. By cleaning the surfaces, it ensures that there is less opportunity for your employees to catch the cold or the flu. Catching the cold or flu might take days for employees to recover, and in return affects company output.

Cleaning Services We Provide

Office cleaning Leisure clubs & Halls Eateries & Kitchens
Initial cleans Deep cleans Builders & sparkle cleans
Wash rooms Floor cleaning Courtyard
Public/Employee restroom Trash cleanup Surface cleaning

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