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Polanco’s House Cleaning is a domestic and commercial cleaning service provider, which services the entire Orange County and its surroundings. We adhere to the industry’s highest standards of service practices, therefore we do not hesitate to boast that we have been in the top ranks of the cleaning business for over ten years. Our company policy is to never cut corners and continuously improve in what we do, which has gained us a substantial number of returning customers and a reputation to be proud of. We, at Polanco’s House Cleaning, are committed to delivering specialized cleaning services, which are designed to exceed our clients’ expectations.

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Alonso Sandoval
Alonso Sandoval
00:22 12 Mar 20
Best cleaning company I have ever dealt with, I can be annoying sometimes as I am a perfectionist but they delivered,... they are easy to book, most importantly for me they came right on time, very friendly, and they deep cleaned the heck out of my house, they went above and beyond my expectations... Really recommends them and I will continue using them. Also will be referring to friend and more
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Why Should I Clean My carpet?

Carpets are a major source of allergens and bacteria within the household, especially if the carpet is moist. Moist carpets are the ideal environment for bad bacterial growth, it allows bacteria that cause infections, or may cause us to be sick. By regularly cleaning your carpets, it helps remove bacteria and allergens.

What are some signs that I need to deep clean my carpet?

What are some signs that I need to deep clean my carpet?

  • If you have not had your carpet deep cleaned in the last year, you are due for a carpet cleaning.
  • You are getting allergic reactions while you are home
  • The Carpet is full of dirt, food stains, or bad odors
Even if you have no pets, or have dropped any food or drinks, carpets still collect dirt and dust. Additionally, our shoes also pick up bacteria throughout the day by walking outside or by walking on surfaces that are not cleaned or disinfected. So, when we walk on our carpets, we are indirectly passing the bacteria to our carpets. Carpets are a major breathing ground for allergens and bad bacteria. If you are suffering from allergies, it may be time for a professional carpet cleaning. It is important to remove foreign substances from your carpet in order to prevent allergies. Some examples that you may have allergens in your carpet are: your immune systems’ reaction can inflame your skin, digestive system, airways or sinuses. With food or drink stains they will cause bacterial growth in your carpet. These bacteria increase your chances of getting sick and some bacteria may also cause the carpet to develop a bad odor.

How often should you wash your carpet?

In areas where there are children, or pets are present it is recommended to vacuum 3-7 times per week and deep carpet cleaning is recommended every 3-6 months. For situations with less foot traffic, it is highly recommended to vacuum the carpet at least two times per week and have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once every year. Carpets with food strains it is recommended to have your carpet cleaned every 3 months, in order to remove the bacteria and allergens.

Should I hire a professional carpet cleaning company or DIY?

Carpet Cleaning requires specialized tools in order to clean, and disinfect carpets, many homeowners will not have the required tools for effective deep cleansing. Professional carpet cleaners carry the needed equipment and the needed cleaning products for carpets. Homeowners will need to find adequate cleaning agents and rent out a machine. These machines have a learning curve and it also requires manual labor for operating the machine and homeowners may find it difficult to navigate the streamer in small spaces and to get an even cleaning throughout the carpet. Professional Carpet Cleaning

Polanco's House Cleaning

Don’t risk the health of your loves ones by not having your carpet professionally cleaned. Polanco’s House Cleaning experts will have all your carpets cleaned and disinfected. Feel free to call us or to contact us. We serve Westminster, CA and all its surrounding areas.
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